Friday, January 14, 2011

Day is Done...

Wow...what a long day it has been!  Katie was extra playful today, and I was actually able to use my digital camera to capture some video of her playing and us "singing," so as soon as I can edit those and paste(?) them together, I'll post them.  I wasn't very productive today, but there's always tomorrow.  Thomas, on the other hand, was.  He fixed the idle problem on the Explorer (for the most part), so maybe we'll get a few more thousand miles out of it.  We're going to Macon in the morning to pick Austin up for the weekend, and thats always a ride I dread.  I-16 has got to be the most boring road in the Continental United States.  Unless you like pine trees, in which case you would love I-16.  Anyway, Katie is finally asleep, Thomas is at work, my sister just got home, and now I'm heading to bed...I'm exhausted!

My Very First Post!

Lots of coffee and boredom can lead to sleepless nights and new bloggers, such as myself.  My main goal is to keep family and friends posted on Katie's progress as she grows (I really should've started doing this 7 months ago) and as an outlet to channel frustration, sadness, lonliness, and all those other roller coaster emotions that come with being separated from your better half.

When Thomas leaves for basic training for the Army next month, we'll start a separation that could span the better part of 7 months.  The longest we've ever been apart was about a year and a half ago when he had to take a week long class in Forsyth, GA, and I was MISERABLE!   I don't regret Thomas joining the Army; its been his lifelong dream, and after a lot of soul-searching and Q&A sessions over a few cold ones with my best friend of 20+ years, I agreed to let him buy the ticket and take the ride, so to speak :).  I still have my moments when I wonder if we made the right decision, but it quickly subsides when I stop to think that we'll both be serving something larger than ourselves:  The United States of America and her citizens.  Of course my service is to a much lesser extent, but serve I will.  Its been said that the hardest job in the Army is that of an Army spouse; I shall soon find out.

Now on to my Katie Bug...she is 7 months old today!  Hence the reason this blog is 7 months overdue :)  And a very vibrant and almost opinionated 7 month old we have on our hands!  She seems to know what she likes and what she doesn't like, and is doing a good job of learning how to communicate that to us.  She loves horses, namely "Horsey," her one eared, 15 year old beanie baby horse that she likes to sleep with, Bullseye (from "Toy Story") that was a Christmas present from Grandma and Grandpa, and here recently, a stick horse that was a gift from Grangina (my mom) before she was even born!  We had the stick horse tucked away in the corner of her crib, and the only visible part was his head...well, she managed to find him amongst all the other stuffed animals she insists on sleeping with, and she has been crazy about him ever since.  When she first got her hands on him, it was early in the morning and I thought she was still asleep.  So I start hearing this really loud racket that I thought was the dogs out in the back yard...well...I was wrong.  When I got up to investigate, I found that it was Katie, waving her stick horse around by the mane like a crazy lady and laughing and giggling and having the time of her life!  I'm going to have to invest in a video camera so I can capture those moments, because they are too funny and precious not to share.

Well, my sheets are dry and Katie is fighting sleep, as am I, so this ends my very first post.  I hope to keep this current, but if I don't, please bear with is about to get crazy.  Hope y'all have a great day!